Monday, December 24, 2012

Congratulations [+the rest of the day]

New York Times does it again!

The first section of the Sunday New York Times I reach for is the Automobiles Section.  Forgetabout the other Sections.  There is something fun about finding out about what's new in Automobiles.

I have to congratulate the New York Times.  In 2012 Electric Automobiles have dominated the pages of the Automobiles Section.  Here's is last Sunday's dominating article on EVs: New York Times Sunday Article.

Now for the rest of the day:

I am excited, I get to drive the LEAF first today before the "girls" go off to hairdresser and mall [isn't "hairdresser" a strange name - is a dresser to hair, or is it someone who puts clothes on your head?].

I volunteered to run the morning errands - grocery store, post office, hardware store, bank, and maybe CVS.   Errands are so much more fun when I use the LEAF.

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