Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Regen Envy?

Picture this:

  • You are driving you LEAF in a suburban driving environment with either stop signs or traffic lights every quarter mile, 
  • From a stop you briskly accelerate to 30 MPH using only two or three "Dots" on the power scale, 
  • Now you are forced to stop for a sign or light so you let off the accelerator pedal and coast to the stop allowing your regenerative braking slow you down and put energy back into your batteries.
Now enter the SUV that wants your rear bumper.

  • You beat the SUV off the start because the LEAF accelerates faster (you dust'm!),
  • The SUV catches up to you with a big roar and tries to zap you off the road with their killer high beams while you are coasting to your next stop.
  • Now the LEAF and SUV are stopped and the SUV sounds off with a loud blast of their horn.
  • The light changes or the intersection is clear and you dust the SUV again.
  • You dust the SUV at 8 intersections.
  • The SUV and LEAF get to the same place at the same time.  Hey! We all have to stop as required. Right?
  • LEAF eMPG = 110 MPG - SUV 15 MPG on a good day.
  • Who got where first?  Of course my LEAF and I because we were first in line. [NOTE: if they were before me, we would still get to the same place at the same time.]

EV owner always wins.  SUV owner always frustrated.


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