Saturday, February 2, 2013

Digital Wipe Out!

NISSAN we have a problem!  Do you see what I see?  That's right..... Nothing!  

Bellow is a photo of my Nissan LEAF dashboard while I was stopped at an intersection earlier this week.  I was travelling in a north westerly direction and the sun was directly behind me (the picture was taken in the morning).  Sun glare completely blinded all of my dashboard displays.  I felt a little disconnected, exposed, naked, unsafe..... you choose the right word to fit your mood.

While digital is cool and touch screens are even cooler, they are worthless if you can't see them. Analog is cool too, perhaps a little retro but a dial or two could be a good solution to prevent glare wipe-out of critical instrumentation.  

Now that I am thinking about sun glare digital wipe-out, I have never had this problem with the digital dashboard on my 2009 CNG Honda Civic.  Perhaps it is time to take a lesson from Honda?

Jim S.

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