Saturday, March 9, 2013

Another round trip into Manhattan today!

Go LEAF!!!!

I averaged 5 miles/kWh on a round trip from the 'burbs to Manhattan, this is the best efficiency I have ever experienced with my LEAF. Now keep in mind this is a 50 mile trip (including the diversion to drop my daughter off at a friends house), I started with the dashboard showing 93 miles in Drive, but 104 miles in ECO Drive.  I stayed in ECO Drive 90% of the trip [just some times, you have to drop in to "D" to get around those New York City Taxi Cabs!

Side note: I had just entered onto the FDR from the Harlem River River Drive and some yo-yo in an Audi riding my rear bumper did the high beam flash thing because I wasn't going fast enough for them.  So, with no one in front of me for a 1/4 mile, I shifted into "D" and mushed the go pedal.  It was so nice to see those headlamps get really small really fast in my rear view mirror.  Of course, within a mile we got jammed up in traffic, but when the Audi crept by me, the driver took a very long look at the LEAF.  "Go LEAF" +1

I got home with 39 miles of range showing on the dashboard [104-50 = 54?].  What happened; I drove into Manhattan alone with the rear windows opened a 1/4 inch each to get some circulation.  On the way home there were four (4) of us in the LEAF and everyone was talking.  So......  Oh boy!  The windows started to fog up and I had to turn on the climate control so I could see where I was going.

In the end, the climate control consumed 15 miles of range, I drove 50 miles, got home with enough range to go out to dinner and back, and (for the first time!!!), and I grew four (4) trees!!!!

No "Range Fear" here!


Post Script:  I have not added to the blog in a few weeks because of time, family. work, and there only being 24 hours in a day.  Yet, a lot of "LEAF" things have happened that I will start sharing as my time frees up.

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