Thursday, October 17, 2013

TESLA Model S @ 11:00 AM Tomorrow

OMG! Too long. Time Passes too quickly.  Not enough time in the day for everything, including blogging.  But good news on the LEAF!  8000+ miles and 11+ months since buying gasoline and quite frankly I don't have anything bad to say about owning and driving an all-electric automobile.  Nissan, you scored 100% with the LEAF and I can't wait until I get my next one.

I only have 13 months left on my LEAF lease.....  I love my LEAF!!!!  I hope my LEAF doesn't find out that I have an appointment to test drive a Tesla Model S tomorrow morning........  Maybe I should be more concerned about letting the Tesla dealer know I have common sense and I drive a LEAF?

What's worst....................

I'll let you know after tomorrow.

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