Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dad? Why did they do this..................?

Today, from the mouth of my 17 year old, the student driver who is learning to drive on our Nissan LEAF:  

  • 17 yr old: "Dad?"
  • Me: "Yes?"
  • 17 yr old: "Why did they do this [pointing to the parking brake lever]?"
  • Me: "What do you mean?"
  • 17 yr old: "Because everything is so cool on this car [the LEAF], why did they make the parking brake so weird?  It is like... all the other stuff on the car is cool, but this brake is like basic - not cool."
Ah, from the mouths of babe's......
Thanks Car and Driver for the photo.

Jim S.


  1. I believe this is a picture of a model produced in Japan. US built ones went to a mechanical "E" break in 2013 model.

  2. Our 2012 was built in Japan in late 2010, this picture is pretty much what it looks like. I can't speak to the function of the lever in the photo.


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