Saturday, January 19, 2013

"Eco-radical interests??" What!

I was reading the following editorial from They don't sell so let's make more?, and started to think; am I an "eco-radical" because I love my Nissan LEAF and can't stop blogging about it?  Well, I hope I am not "eco-radical", but I do consider myself passionate.

After that thought stream I started to realize there are a couple of things that can be done to increase EV sales, including, but not limited to:

  • Stop the naysayers who continue to preach and brain wash the American driving public to think battery electrics have too short a range to be any good.  So instead of being always negative, speak up the positive attributes - there are so many not to know any!
  • Educate Americans!  100% coal-fired electric generating stations are several times more efficient as gasoline engines and coal plants are constantly being monitored and are becoming cleaner.
  • Stop letting people get away with saying car companies are losing money on EVs.  So EVs may be a loss-lead for some companies, but for others they are covering their costs, they just are not showing a profit - there is a big difference between no-profit and not covering costs.  I don't think the big auto companies are going to go broke making EVs.  Besides, most people I know really don't want their hard earned income becoming someone else's profit - that leaves a bad taste in our mouths. [keep the price as low as possible - profit/earnings will come as more are sold]
  • Support alternative cultures!  Learn and support the EV culture, too many forget how devastating the "automobile" culture has already been to our planet - now is the time to start cleaning it up, we can't afford to wait.
OK, I'll stop because I am just rambling, but I hope my point has been made: create a positive culture for EVs and they will sell.   How did they say it in Field of Dreams?  "Build it and they will come?", there is something to that.


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